We realize that only when broker dealers embrace a companyís potential and actually buy stock can our goals be attained. We achieve this by:
  On-Site, Extensive Due Diligence
  Financial Marketing Strategies
  Proactive Turnkey Platform
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About PTP & Associates

PTP & Associates founder Patrick Parker began his financial career in the late 1970ís joining one of the largest retail commodity firms in the country. In his first year, Parker was the number one broker in the country in a firm with over 300 brokers. Following that auspicious start, Parker remained in the top 1% of brokers of all the subsequent firms he was associated with.

Parker's marketing career began in the late 1980ís, with a specialization in marketing for the financial markets in the early 1990's. Parker was one of the early pioneers of infomercials the country specializing in long form programming for Television and Radio in Commodities. In 1994, Parker created one of the first online retail investing Web sites in the United States. Since then he has focused on electronic marketing recognizing that the Internet was the new frontier for Direct Marketing.

Well-known for creating innovative, unique marketing strategies, Parker has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, having had some of the largest mortgage, insurance, commodity, and financial services firms as clients. He is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, and have served on the Financial Services Council, the Business to Business Council, the International Council, and the Electronic Marketing Council.

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